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Each time I come to a concert, I am quite simply floored by what the kids can create under your guidance - it strikes me each time as almost unbelievable how beautiful the orchestra sounds. Personally I want to thank you for the impact you have on my children. Learning strings is a phenomenally unique and powerful experience. It has also beautifully impacted how they see themselves. I continue to be amazed by the incredible results you achieve with kids and the profound impact you have had on mine. Thank you.
- Timothy, father

We had a terrible experience with a first music school and I know it would not have ended well had we not moved on from there. You are such a terrific teacher, and Cory truly enjoys playing and practicing! Our friends and family that were in attendance at the concert(s) were so impressed with the organization. Even my mom was shocked that you could take that many kids and have such beautiful music come out of them lol. I couldn't be happier!
- Missy, 34, adult student and mother of Corrina, 8

So many girls dream of the dress, but I've always had a vision of the music that would create the most perfect atmosphere for our wedding. Thank you for making these dreams come true! Thank you! Sincerely,
- Nicole and Josh, newlyweds, June 2013

Thanks so much for making BCMC the highlight of our summer!
- Miriam and Faith, campers at BCMC 2013

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job your group did at our wedding. Having the trio as part of the service meant so much to me, and it was as perfect as I'd hoped it would be. I was waiting in the sacristy so I was also able to hear all the pre-service songs too, which were just awesome. I was also touched (and impressed) that you joined in with the band during the worship songs. I can't recommend Bel Canto enough. Thanks again!
- Lynda-Jane and Karen, newlyweds July 2015

Lynda Thank you for all the good times and teaching me so much about music. I've really learned a lot in the past 6 years! Working with you has left a lasting impression. A knowledge and appreciation of music that I will use in my future musical endeavors. All the best.
- Ivan, highschool student

Thank you once again Jennifer, everyone has been raving to us how amazing you guys were and we couldn't be more happy! Sincerely,
- Danielle and Phil, newlyweds, June 2011

I would just like to thank you, Miss Jennifer and Mr. Adam. I would like to thank you for teaching me the violin. Also for helping me be the best I can be at it.
- Vienna, 9, 2nd year violin student

We would like to thank Jen for the amazing job she did performing for our wedding ceremony in September! The music was beautiful and we can't speak highly enough of her performance and how wonderful she was to work with! Anyone looking for Strings for an event should definitely talk to Jennifer!!
- Annie and Chris, newlyweds, September 2012

Dori loves her violin, she loves her lessons and the orchestra practices. She wants to play like you!!! She says her violin can be sad or glad. She practised and practised for the concerts. Thank you for the gift that you are to Dori and to all your students and to people like me who find your way of being with the students totally inspiring.
- Valerie, mother of Dori, 13, 3rd year violin student

I wanted to send a brief note of appreciation for both the winter strings concert and the strings program. Seeing all the kids playing together as an ensemble gave me a real sense of perspective on just how much the kids have learned since September. The concert was delightful. The kids all played well and were quite impressive. Claudia is very much enjoying the program and I hope she stays with it. Thank you very much for the work you have put in on behalf of her and all the other kids that benefit from your efforts.
- Julie, mother of Claudia, 9

I 'd like to personally thank Jennifer and Bonnie for playing at my proposal, even in the cold of winter! It was fantastic and I couldn't be happier with the result, a YES. (and two great musicians)
- Josiah, groom-to-be

Thanks Jennifer once again for all you hard work. We enjoyed the concert so much. We were there with friends and they couldn't believe the quality of the performances!!!
- Joanne and David, parents to a 5th year student

Just a note to tell you how incredible the concert was. We weren't sure what to expect and we were so impressed by all the groups! By letting the beginners see the older groups, Julianne is so inspired to stick with it! You have incredible patience and every mother I have spoken with also finds you to be mesmerizing when you speak with the students during practice. You have them absolutely captured and you know EXACTLY how to speak to them so that they understand. You are brilliant so please just keep doing what you are doing!
- Dana, mother of Julianne, 9, beginner violin student

I'd like to sincerely thank you for this last 5 months. I have enjoyed my classes, and appreciate your advice, guidance and your amazing teaching ability. You've been going full tilt all year and done an incredible job. You're wonderful and I look forward to this next year at Bel Canto.
- Sheila, 60, adult cello student

Thank you so much for playing on our special day. You guys did a fantastic job, and we received alot of great compliments on your performance. Once again you were amazing!!! THANK YOU
- Andrea and Adam, newlyweds, May 2013

Attending the performances throughout the year, I can see the results of your hard work. And all of the kids who now have music as a part of their lives... Your technical prowess and teaching ability, which is self-evident, is borne forward by your great energy and enthusiasm.
- Chris and Liz, parents

We would like to recommend Bel Canto Strings Academy for your wedding musicians! Our wedding ceremony was outdoors at 50point conservation park in Grimsby on June 8th, 2013. Adam and Jennifer did an amazing job with the violin and cello. They were very punctual, very professional and very talented. The song numbers were perfect for our wedding ceremony. Thank you so much for the work you did. Our friends and family were impressed and are still talking about the beautiful music that was played at our ceremony. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Sincerely,
- Mable and Brian, newlyweds I joined the adult group in September and have been having lots of fun. I'm shocked at how much I have advanced already although I have a long way to go to catch up to the kids who are absolutely amazing. Jennifer is a great teacher.
- Robert, 33, adult student

Thank you, BCMC for the best summer ever!! Love,
- Violet and Hazel, campers at BCMC 2013

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